We help

people who cannot find help elsewhere. We provide legal assistance for people who are at a disadvantage against their employers, a state institution or a local authority. We always take the side of the aggrieved, regardless of the strength of those who harm them. We use all legal means available, caring about the transparency and ethics of our actions. 


We educate

people on their civil rights because we believe that this cannot be left only to non-governmental organisations with a clearly left-wing or liberal political profile. We promote a fair approach to the issue of the citizen–state relationship, recognizing both the need to protect individuals, but also to treat the state as working for the common good.


We unite

Poles around the idea of an efficient, just, and strong state. We want to collaborate with people who share this ideal, regardless of their political affiliation or place of residence. We know that our compatriots living abroad love Poland as much as we do. We believe that together we will tap into the unused potential of the Polish diaspora.

We are a group of people who devote our time to activities for the common good.

Would you like to support us or are you looking for help?

Feel free to contact us, participate in our projects, or directly support our activities.