Who we are

We are a group of people who devote our time to activities and actions for the common good. There are lawyers, managers and research associates among us. We cooperate with experts and opinion leaders. We invite volunteers to join us – we are open to any form of involvement.

The Foundation does not carry out business activity. We rely entirely on voluntary donations. We do not receive financial support from state institutions or any other public entities. 


The members of the Foundation Board receive remuneration for their work.

Why a foundation?

Nearly five years ago, I decided to oppose my employer, a German, who said he wanted to kill all Poles and praised Adolf Hitler’s political views.


I could not remain indifferent to the manifestation of aggression and insult against our nation, my co-workers and myself. I recorded the behaviour of my employer, Hans. G., and publicized the scandal in the media.

A court battle is in progress but, sadly, so far my adversary seems to come through the scandal unscathed. During these years, I realized how important it is, when fighting against evil, to get support from people of good will. I received such support from hundreds of Poles living in the country and abroad. I have learned the hard way that Poland still needs to be repaired and that it can be driven the bottom-up by people united around the idea of an efficient and just state. I have come to see how important it is to have a practical knowledge that goes beyond the framework of school or university education.

I want to turn my experience into an initiative that will serve others.

By working for the common good, I want to repay all the help and goodness that I have received.

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Foundation Board

Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska


President of the Foundation


MA in Psychology (SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities), EMBA (Collegium Humanum), Postgraduate Diploma in:  transport psychology (University of Gdansk), crisis management (Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia); Certified Project Manager, Recruitment Specialist.


Social activist, co-founder of the first Community Fridge in the Tri-city, co-organiser of patriotic initiatives.

Would you like to support us or are you looking for help?

Feel free to contact us, participate in our projects, or directly support our activities.