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Not only are the Territorial Defence Forces an important part of Poland’s defence potential but also an organization that helps people on a daily basis and integrates our society around the idea of ​​service. The past few years, in particular the recent months in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, have clearly demonstrated how much we need TDF. 

We are grateful to all Territorials and we want this formation to develop further. We believe that the state should create appropriate conditions for this.

27,000 territorial soldiers come from different backgrounds. They differ in age, financial status, and beliefs, but they share what is most important: selfless devotion to Poland. They dedicate their free time to public service. The majority of them combine military service and professional work. About 60 percent of territorial soldiers declare permanent employment. Many others are students who will soon enter the labour market.

The laws in force impose appropriate legal obligations on employers who employ soldiers. We believe the laws should be supplemented with legal incentives that would give an impulse for further development of TDF and make it easier for Poles to choose to join the armed forces as a career. One of the most effective incentive mechanisms would be tax relief of various kinds for companies employing territorial defence soldiers. 

In view of the above, we, the undersigned, request the Council of Ministers to propose a law that would provide a tax benefit for companies employing territorial defence soldiers.

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